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Unique Wedding Ideas to Add Some Spice to Your Special Day

If you’re looking for ideas on how to make your wedding day extra memorable for your guests, or add some flares of yourselves to proceedings, look no further. 

Make it personal to you. 

It’s one thing to have the perfect white wedding, but putting your spin on it will make it stand out in your guests’ minds. Think about your heritage, where you met, 

Use family recipes for desserts to celebrate both sides. Use lines from your vows in the decorating or pics from your engagement party. Or bring in dance traditions or prints from the cultures you’re from, add elements from memorable holidays and big moments. Bring in your pets, whether it’s using your (well-behaved) dog as a ring bearer or pictures of budgies or bunnies worked into your design choices. Like elements from your grandparents’ wedding photos? Use them in your photographs. Or have your mum’s wedding dress copied, with a modern twist. Finally, plan a sibling dance to get your whole family out on the dance floor. 

You can bring out the personalities of others in your bridal party, like asking your bridesmaids to choose their flowers, dress style, or jewellery. Then, have the groomsmen pick out their boutonnieres, anything from seashells to Yoda themed.  

Get into the details.

Thoughtful details can make or break the aesthetic. Quirky cake toppers, thoughtful notes, and nostalgic moments are all things you’ll look back on and create great keepsakes. 

Print napkins with a quote or important dates from your relationship. Consider live-streaming the ceremony for guests too far away to make the trip, and spend a little time to come up with a snappy hashtag. Instead of a guest book, your guests could write on the back of puzzle pieces or around the edges of a large picture frame. Put out a box of cheap thongs for your guests’ dancing comfort once the heels come off. Make your cake sing with some custom cake toppers made to look like you and your partner, and get some pretty takeaway boxes so Nanna can take home an extra piece. It’s the little things you and others will remember about the day, and the guests will love your thoughtful touches. 

Keep it fun and unexpected.

Stylish and elegant doesn’t have to mean boring. Bring in some fun elements to act as focal points throughout the day. For example, bring in a food or ice cream truck for a late-night snack. Get a celebrity tribute band to rev up the reception, or a few hours with a caricaturist to make your guests laugh. Pinatas, bouncy castles, or anything else you would have LOVED as a kid, you can bet your guests will get a buzz out of it too. It’s your day, so have some fun with it.

Go local.

There’s nothing like food and flowers from your local area to set the tone for your big day. So first, work with your florist to come up with some special features featuring native flowers and foliage. Then, focus your menu around all the great food available around your area, and get a caterer willing to have some fun creating it with you. In the place around Perth alone, we have some incredible food options, and it’s great fun getting out to try some of it before you decide on a direction. 

Fun favours.

Go with something your guests can use at the reception, like sunglasses for a mid-afternoon reception or kazoos and mini-maracas to add to the reception hijinks. Hangover kits are becoming more popular for a tongue in cheek option. Go for homemade biscuits or jam for a personal touch. Or chuck the favours altogether and opt for a charity donation in your guests’ names. 

Make good memories.

Polaroids, disposable cameras, wishing notes, guest books, photo booths, and anything else that gives your guests a chance to tell you what a great time they’ve had will be something you keep forever. Your wedding photos will create the official record of the day, but the unofficial one is important too, and you can create ways to capture it in all sorts of ways. Finally, and most importantly, remember to relax and enjoy the fun yourself. 

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