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7 Best Wedding Photo Locations In Perth.

Planning your wedding and want to know the best places for photos in Perth? We’ve got you covered! Here are 7 of our favourite locations that will make for some stunning shots. From beaches to parks, these spots have it all. Planning your wedding and want to know the best places for photos in Perth? We’ve got you covered!
You don’t want to miss out on a single moment with your loved ones. So get ready and head outside with us today! These locations are perfect for capturing those special moments. And if you’re looking for more ideas, we’ve got plenty of other articles about photography tips and tricks too!

In general Perth beaches offer a romantic setting for couples. The ever popular Cottesloe Beach encapsulates the typical Perth beach, crystal clear water, textured rocks and soft sand. The Indiana Tea House adds character to the beach and makes the location distinctive in photos. There’s so much to love about shooting on the sand and in front of the ocean. It offers a lot of potential for stunning images. 

The Swan river in particular Matilda Bay Boathouse is an iconic location to capture stunning sunset wedding photos along the coast. It easy to get lost in the scenery and enjoy a stroll along the wooden jetty over the Swan River. Parking can be a bit difficult as you have to part on the street just off Mounts Bay Road opposite the road. This means that you have to cross the road in ongoing traffic, which isn’t ideal in a white wedding dress and heels. However, it is definitely a beautiful spot to capture your memories if you want to be photographed here.

The beautiful Hyde Park is a popular destination for wedding photos, with lush greenery and nature. There’s many great spots at the park for your pre-wedding and wedding photos. The park has a lot of maple tress, which not only look great in photos but also shelter the beaming sun during mid-day shoots in Summer. In Autumn, Hyde Park is spectacular for weddings as the leaves turn golden yellow, orange and brown, creating a colourful and romantic backdrop. There is also a lake in the middle of the park which creates an aesthetically pleasing setting for wedding photos. Hyde Park is accessible to the Perth City, about a five minute drive away, making it convenient to travel to many wedding reception venues.

Located in South Perth, The Boatshed Restaurant is a favourite among Perth couples. Featuring a warm, welcoming and stylish interior and the Perth city skyline as your wedding backdrop, this venue is simply a photographer’s dream come true.

Sat on the Swan River bank in Swan Valley, Caversham House offers an enchanting backdrop for your special day. Built in the early 1800s, this venue features immaculate gardens, a four-story high waterfall, statues, and wrought iron gates – so this estate has plenty of photographic opportunities!

Kings Park is one of the top locations for weddings in Perth. The abundance of plants, trees and flowers frame the perfect natural and relaxed wedding photography location. It’s in close proximity to venues such as Fraser’s Restaurant. So, if you were thinking to have your wedding reception in the area, Kings Park could be a great choice. Note: you will need to apply for a permit to have photos taken there if you do not hold your wedding ceremony within the park. Click here for more information on requiring a license.

Do you love stunning architecture and historical buildings? UWA offers a beautiful location for bride and grooms, encompassing lots of character. The old style European-inspired architecture creates a classic and timeless backdrop for wedding photography. Winthrop Hall offers a stunning and picturesque backdrop for wedding photography or pre-wedding shoots. We have shot many weddings at UWA along some of their iconic buildings and halls. The University’s iconic bell-tower, grand colonnades and arches create an amazing backdrop. Whilst they have beautiful indoor interior, their outdoor locations do not disappoint either! The Sunken Garden at UWA is an amphitheatre with beautiful gardens, ponds and terraced lawns, creating the perfect setting for wedding photos. Note: you will need to apply for a permit to have photos taken there if you do not hold your wedding ceremony at UWA.

Those were our picks for the 7 best wedding photo locations in Perth. Other honourable mentions include Fremantle Esplanade, Swan River Foreshore Reserve, Rottnest Island, Scarborough Beach Jetty.